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M2 Hydrographics

M2 Hydrographics are one of the leading hydrographic printers in New Zealand, we offer a professional service backed with years of experience.

What is it?

Hydrographics is the process of applying images to any 2 or 3 dimensional object.

The PVA film with the printed image is suspended in water and activated to revert the ink back into a liquid state that allows us to pass the object through the film and transfer the image to the object.


What can we print onto?

When prepared appropriately we can apply hydrographic films to metal, plastic, glass and wood products.

When the object is prepared with the appropriate primers and adhesion promoters we are able to apply hydrographic films to a wide range of surfaces, including metal, plastic, glass and wood. We also specialise in the application of films to the latest 3D printed materials.

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Preparation & Prepping Surfaces

All products need to be stripped and clean prior to shipping or drop off or we may have to charge for this.

If abrasive blasting is required as part of the preparation process we will let you know when quoting your job and give you the option of having this done yourself or we will arrange for you and include this in your quote.

All pricing is based on each individual item. Due to the size, shape and complexity (some items may require 2 dips) as well as material composition eg: polypropylene plastics may require heat treating whereas ABS plastics do not.

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